Friday, 8 February 2013

Bangkok กรุงเทพฯ

Chinese New Year is around the corner, which also means holiday, which also means more time! 
So, time to upload my BKK trip with the bitches :)

First night wasn't that good. Was too hungry to think of a place for dinner and got cheated by the tuk tuk driver to a tourism place for dinner .____.

But the tuk tuk car was fun :D
He drifted and made a U turn in the middle of the road. Thank god we're young enough to take it. LOL.

#Day 2
Morning was great! Went down for a breakfast and started our journey to Platinum Mall.
If you all wanna go to Platinum Mall, go to the old one which is more messy. The items there are awesome!

Oh but first, beer on hand! 
How could you resist a can of beer which cost only RM4.50!?

We had our 2nd breakfast @ McD, then went into Shibuya for washroom and attracted to this shop. 
Bags are only 200baht! My god. DEAD CHEAP. So yeah, grab a few and there goes the bargaining! :D

Forgotten how our schedule like. But Big C is another place we went for hunting :)
Hunted for the instant noodles. What? Buying packets? Of course not! We buy boxes by boxes! 

And some of the famous Tao Kae Noi seaweed and some snacks.

See how satisfying we were :D
We also went for massage. 
Massage is hell lot of cheap compared to Malaysia. Same time but half of the price. Worth going for!

Time flies, and it's dinner time already :D
First night we passed by this restaurant @ Huai Khwang bazaar. So we went there again for food!
Tom yam, Thai salad, prawns, squids, rice, etc! Yummsss, saliva drooling.

This was 3rd day :)
Went to Chatuchak then to Terminal 21 after found out that what the receptionist told us is not true :(
Had breakfast at some random stalls and it taste good!

The noodle we had :) Go extremely well with the sugar, chili flakes and nuts and chili below!

Yes, still too difficult to resist for a RM10 t-shirt so we bought!
Love the concept of Terminal 21!
Each floors have different theme for the washroom as well. So go every floor of it! :D

Visited the TaoKaeNoi Land as well :D

These shoes cost less than RM11!

We headed to Platinum mall for the second time to hunt for more dresses!
Then it's dinner time, just nice for a dinner outside central world. Very crowded!
But worth waiting :)

Last day @ Bangkok :(
We headed to Chatuchak for more hunting. 

After a few hours of hunting, we finally stopped and headed for lunch.
A lot of snacks are selling in Chatuchak. Can see how famous their squid is.

 This is yummy! Mango sticky rice.

Well, thats about the trip :) Totally no regrets to head to BKK every year. 
Totally worth my time. Love going to trips with different companion :)

Shall hunt for next year's air tix for BKK! 

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Oh, have I not tell you that?

Oh have I not tell you that?

Which also means,

Well, last year was a fruitful year. 
I've finally progressed and show some results in my career.
I was awarded as the TOP 5 RPUM in OTS Group. Also, among the Top 5 awardess, I am the youngest, and I am the only one who is not the MDRT.

RPUM = Road to Potential Unit Manager, the class has more than 50 pax, and it is graded with the number of agents you have in your team, your leadership potential, learning attitude, etc. Glad that I received the award and made my family members proud.

"To be a champion, you have to believe in yourself when no one else will."

This view was taken using my iPhone 5 front camera when Brea just woke up from nap. 
Her eyes can kill. Seriously. Hello Brea, my niece. She is already one year-old!

Bai :)

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Big Ben

Travelling is love!

TwentyTwelve has been a very emotional year for me. 
A year that I need to deal so much with my own emotions .____.
Dealing with expectations, disappointments, anger, hatred and sadness. Not easy :/
Also, I've travelled to three different countries to Bangkok, Taiwan and Inner Mongolia. 
It was rather a relaxing year. I think not quite worth mentioning :(

Oh also, a year that I started to depend on BB cream so much to fix my complexion :(
A year that I've lost my iPhone 4 and iPad 2 and got a new iPhone 5.
A year that I've gone through so much with ze boyf.


Every year is a crucial year.
This year, is no difference. I have planned to promote this July. However, it seems like the result isn't much up to my expectations. However, still got 6 months left and miracles can happen at any point of time! No give up!

And I, will still begin my year with Bangkok trip.
This time, is with the bitches that I've known for almost 7 years. It is our first overseas trip :)

It is time to focus on planning and execution. 
The problems with kids nowadays are. They can talk the talk but not walk the talk. Still feeling pretty disappointed with this kind of people :O Unbelievable.